Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tag it!

I just feel like doing a tag:

My special dates on the calender:
1 July – I was born on this date, I joined my bachelors on this date, and I joined my masters on this date
10 July – My brother was born on this date; I reached Australia on this date
10 April – I started my working life on this date; I just had my first magistrate’s court experience on this date

If I could change one thing:
I would be less than 5 hours and less than $150 away from my family.

One thing that’ll make me laugh:
A Wodehouse or people who follow in the same vein

The weirdest thing I do:
Somehow find the difficult way of doing things, most naturally

One thing I wish I could do:
Make sense to people

One thing I know is a rage, but I don’t care for:

One thing I know isn’t a rage, but I care for:
Making sense of it all, solving the jigsaw puzzle called life which is made of pieces called experiences

My favourite city:

My favourite house:
Sonfiyad, Trivandrum

My favourite room:
12.12.21 Melbourne

One thing I know:
I am loved

One thing I don’t know:
How someone else would see what I see

My favourite colour:

If I had the time, I’d pay to do this:
Be a carer at after-school. (Primary school kids let lose make the most fascinating study, perhaps of human kind!)

I would like to get paid to do this:
Make sense of ecology, and also to see how we can/ end-up affecting it.

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