Sunday, 1 May 2011

A good ol' neat bathroom

The wise folks at design sponge put up a collection of bathrooms to look at! And I think I'd love this bath and shower curtain (on the left) to go up at my place:

and while I am at it, I wouldn't might a bit of skylight to go in there too!

So, how does a bathtub and skylight in a bathroom sound for a birthday present? Pretty awesome, don't you think!


Paul Kearney said...

I hope people who are actually giving you presents don't read this blog! The pressure, the pressure!

neha said...

no, they don't Paul :) These are ridiculous birthday presents!!

and you know, I am not more than half-convinced I want these things as presents; but they do wander in the back of my mind - so I thought making a list would be a good idea, so that they come out of the shadows and die a good death! Most of them, i think, will die but the others hopefully will live in my house :D