Thursday, 21 June 2007

Forced to think about thinking

There is no TV at home or internet. It is a choice I made, although in a round about way. I chose not have TV as the centre of my lounge room and I cannot imagine having TV in my bedroom. (I intend to buy a laptop and connect it to the TV tuner.) Add to it my inability to buy light reading books, and the fact that I live by myself. And I have no car. Thank God I have a radio, and I think Art Sound Radio is one of the best things in Canberra. Apart from that Radio station, the next good thing is Big Issue only magazine that I can afford to buy at a regular basis and enjoy reading. Big Issue has beautiful graphics. And I do access SBS on my mobile; SBS is, usually, not mindless either. Sometimes it is and thank God.
Living by yourself is about making choices, concious choices. If you do not have TV, and internet, and trashy books it leads to very thoughtful kind of living. Facing yourself, you wonder why do you want TV? What is it you are trying to distract yourself from? What are you doing, anyway?
Those answers are hard to find, but I have started reading again. I think it will take time for me to pick up 'Weather Makers' but I think I am a step closer with 'Eintein's clocks and Poincare's Maps'.
PS: I think subconciously we are all in love with ourselves, it comes across in many an introspective pieces I end up writing.


Harish Suryanarayana said...

Being in love with yourself is perhaps the beginning of a rewarding journey of self-discovery. No TV is actually a wonderful move. It gives you so much more time to do more useful stuff.

neha said...

I think we are all in love with ourselves, in fact in love is sometimes defined as 'indentification with the object of our love' (for eg. I am Heathcliff) so I think we all do love ourselves.

It does give you a lot of time, whether anything useful comes out of it is another thing ;P

neha said...

I meant, not being able to watch TV does give you a lot of time... etc