Sunday, 11 October 2009

carpets and cobwebs

A new place to live
I am buying a new house, well, no, I am buying an old apartment. I decided on it because... well, now, what is the point in explaining that, I am sure the reasons for which I bought it and the reasons for which I think I bought it are not the same - it is called choice blindness - look it up on Google. The point, however, is that I am still not regretting the idea of owning that apartment - which I shall have in December.

Most of my furniture will be old, hand me downs, or cheaply bought. The one and at this moment the only thing I do want to buy, however, are the dining table chairs - and these I am rather fussy about - I want the Van Gogh chairs (attached picture). I saw these chairs at a restaurant in 'berra too, a while before i bought the apartment and I loved them. I am not completely sure if they'll tell me where they got it from. I'll keep you posted on how my search goes.

The other thing that I am planning on buying are the curtains, the house comes without any! And small framed potraits of my family along with some similarly framed photographs taken by my friend - - he has many more stuck at different places, and I think I already know which ones I want.

The crown jewels, however, will be the paintings by my Mum - priceless!

I have other ideas too, which has surprised me, I never knew I could get so keen into the idea of decorating my space. I can almost see it in my minds eye and in a folder full of pictures on my computer.

I will need to learn how to drill a hole on the brick wall from my Dad or ask him to come here to do that for me.

The expensive bit will be doing up the bathroom and the kitchen, both cry for attention - and seriously need to be done from scratch. I would love stone bench tops, but let us see. I do not intend to live all my life there, so I dont want to buy things that wont value add to the resale value. I will however put the pictures up once it is all done, and hopefully, it wont look half bad either! :)

Weird things my mind gets upto
The other news has been, that I have been dealing with a fair few things and am starting to shutter things out of my brain, or sweep them under some carpet - I am doing, what is quite the opposite of stress, and forgetting things - things that i should do, and the reasons why i should do them, which takes away the sense of urgency off them - and leaves me to do whatever I please. Only, only to suddenly have a pang of regret when I do finally get around to reminding myself that it is way past due. I am, right now, missing my wise friend and wonderful family who somehow can see what I am doing and why I am doing it; who can put the cross on just the right place on the plan and at least show me what is going on!! I am wondering how on earth will i make it right, without finding all new troubles to shift like furniture over the carpet.

Oh and I am going on a plane for about 16 hours, and I know this is contrary to all popular wisdom and tastes, but I enjoy those flights. These are times when my mind doesnt have to put the shutters down on urgent things because there is nothing that is urgent. This is a clock time free zone, there is nothing I am supposed to do - I am not supposed to get done that nicky task, I am not supposed to eat, I am not supposed to not eat, I am not supposed to sleep - the clock and the stewards and air hostess follow no routine.

Gee, I get to talk to people around me, peep out of the window, eat, sleep, watch movies and since I am so small I am never crammed for space either. I don't know what else one might want, other than to meet your family sooner - but that is ok, this is not unpleasant time. This is time to compose myself, gather myself, so that when I meet them, I actually meet them...

I remember a lot of people I have met on journeys - the lady who rode horses to the markets near Melbourne with a son my age; the German guy, whom I didn't really meet, but whose watch was so sophisticated that he couldn't change its time - the time was set by a satellite signal - and the satellite decided that it was going to show German time in Melbourne :D; the lady who bought duty free perfumes but forgot to handover the invoices before catching her flight; the three little kids who found my seat the easiest rendezvous point to catch up with each other, without uttering a word. The guy who was going to see an art exhibition and had done a PhD in land use changes in south Australia. The drunk lady who is perhaps the only co-passenger I came close to being totally irked with; and who turned out to be not so bad after all the next morning - she however would have found me rather rude the next morning, after having to put up with her drunkenness during the past 6 or 7 hours. The guy who was a namesake of my dad's and who looked quite as handsome as my cousin - I should have asked for his phone number. Also, the guy who was visiting his family in Singapore and I forget exactly why they were there - but I remember he was very proud of them, for some reason. Yes, I think his wife was coming down from London with their two rather young sons - and found them quite an handful so he had come down to Singapore to help her, but had to return on a different flight anyway - in hindsight, I think he was rather amused.
I am looking forward to my new co-passengers, and I am hoping to God that they wont be drunk... but happy and interesting people.

I am looking forward to doing my assignments and reading away in my break - thank goodness it doesn't need ears. I will somehow have to overcome all the regrets I have manged to accumulate in this rather short time, and not come up with new ones.


Reluctant Warrior said...

I remember this one lady who I was flying with from Dubai to Delhi.

The plane went through some really turbulent weather which had us bouncing on our chairs; and by the time I looked back at the old lady; she had her beads out and was praying rather profusely.

I find turbulence in aircrafts rather distressing but this was the only time; I was smiling.

Then this one time where another old lady, definitely a villager, who had never boarded a flight asked me to help her with it. It was her son she said who was working somewhere abroad who had paid for her tickets; the best part; she was flying business class.

Neha said...


and well, for the record, the lady travelling with me got so drunk, she, i think, slipped in the bathroom, came back, finished her last drop of vodka from the bottle and now wasnt even able to open her seat belt to get up!

neha said...

i mean, i am talking about this latest trip - for which i was hoping for a non-drunk co-passenger... didnt realise that was so much to ask for!!

Neha said...

A bit of an update on the chairs -
they are called 'rush seat' and I realise that the one shown above is not strictly a Van Gogh dining chair...