Sunday, 30 January 2011

My 2011

This much is obvious, 2011 will be the year I turn 30, the difficult question of course is, what else will it be?

Well, what has 2011 been so far? what was 2010 famous for?

2011 is the year I re-got the Internet on my machine at home; the year I re-started a job^ where I know what I am doing, so far, anyway. 2010 was the year for a short short trip home, for it to really sink in that my nieces and nephews are growing up without my being around*. It was the year I found out that apart from the M about whom I did know and did marry; there is whole lot of M that I didn't know about and did marry too. it was the year, I thought everyone at work thought, maybe everyone everywhere thought, that I was a bit crazy, lost and lazy. 2010 was the year my internal compass that points towards all things good fell into that crevice between the massive and heavy bookshelf and the wall.

2011 will be the year I get it out of that crevice. It will be the year when everything in house finally comes out of packing boxes, and find a place for themselves where they are useful and beautiful. It will be a year of some renovations and a lot of comfort and cheer. And it will be year my parents come and visit our home and bring all their wisdom and love that keeps our family together! It might be the year where we finally get ourselves a dog**! :D

^I was a sad person in my previous role; I started a new role this year.
*I think, in another 5 or 6 years, I will kidnap them for summers each year!
** I might actually ask my friends to get me that for a present! :D

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