Sunday, 6 May 2012


It has been a rather un-thinking kind of time, in that that it has been a lot of pulp fiction kind of time: The Inheritance cycle, Sherlock Holmes (the 2 series on BBC and the books), Lewis, Downton Abbey, Phryne Fisher and a bit of Dr.Who. And today I am going to watch Avengers. My friend's choice, but I could have easily made it too. What I really want to watch is Tintin, which, it appears, is out on DVD now.

Along with it being unthinking, it has been a sleep deprived kind of a time too - watching TV shows into the night is not good for the day job. Unfortunately. Not being alert and active during the day job isn't good for my morale. Tragically.

I am missing thinking.  

Update: Avengers is not a good watch, really.

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