Friday, 19 October 2012

booh bah blah blah

Why would i bother speaking to you when you don't even drop a line, is beyond me, but I'd leave it for anthropologists researching blogs to figure that out. But ignoring or forgetting that, and just carrying on...

Actually, I can't... I am feeling a bit frustrated, and you aren't helping (please re-read above), and imagining that I am breaking a guitar, smashing it like an ax on a trunk of wood - and what is worse, even in my imagination I am left the consequences of it - there is a shattered wooden carcass that needs to be taken to the bin, and a few people whom I have upsetted! Bah imaginations! What an effin pain!

I am a bit frustrated tho - why have my best decisions gone so pear-shaped is beyond me. There are a few happier things I can talk about, but that will just sound like I am being apologetic about being frustrated. No, I will just leave it on this unhappy note - in case anyone is listening!

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