Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beauty and kindness, lot more than justice

i once met a child who was in a corner looking miserable, when i asked him what happened he started sobbing that his leg hurt becuase someone had kicked him while playing soccer, a few moments later he was sitting on my lap crying his heart out. It wasnt that anybody meant to hurt him - and he knew it, but this was just the physical pain of being kicked in the leg and it HURT, the pain simply hurt. i cannot understand why, but this world simply hurts us sometimes.

and then you see miraculously, people emerge from that kind of pain - it doesnt look like they have strength but like they are living in a different world altogether, that they are percieving it differently to all of us.

on a similar but slightly different note, very often we do victim blaming because if the victim did not cause it, then this could happen to us too  - I think that we are simply terrified of the randomness of grief. If I have to put faith in anything, I would not put it in the law of karma - i do not remember my previous struggles or my previous selfishness and cruelties, so it seems unfair for me to bear the results. more than justice let there be kindness, more than anything, i believe in the kindness and the sheer pure love of the universe - sometimes i can't see it, like the stars in daylight, but BEAUTY and kindness is the stuff the world is made of - if not, it would not be worth living.

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Found this today:
"We should make ourselves stop trying to explain our own difficulties. Our first impulse is to try to account for them, figure out why what has happened did happen. Sometimes such an effort is beneficial: more often it is distinctly harmful. It leads to introspection, self-pity, and vain regret; and almost invariably it creates within us a dangerous mood of confusion and despair. Many of life’s hard situations cannot be explained. They can only be endured, mastered, and gradually forgotten. Once we learn this truth, once we resolve to use all our energies managing life rather than trying to explain life, we take the first and most obvious step toward significant accomplishment."

Gorden James Gilkey