Friday, 15 November 2013

Existential Angst for the Day

It is such a cheesy thing to say, but Before I die* I would like to genuinely develop my talents, to genuinely help people experience happiness and finally get to the core Reality of Life! It was so cheesy I didnt even put it on twitter - I am not completely enjoying modelling at the moment becuase of its necessary and (thankfully acknowledged) disconnect with reality; as opposed to people taking real-time decisions, modellers are always aware they might be wrong. In fact, they know that they are wrong, what they are always on a look-out for is how many ways can they be wrong about. Like this guy who won the nobel prize for physics replied to the question of how he reacted when he realised he had made his discovery, he double checked his calculations! I am particularly experiencing the disconnect because I don't have my family either to keep me grounded. Boy I really do need to get my connect back, my sense of reality back. I need to grow - there IS a reason i am here, i need to start happening to life**. 

*Before I die... inspired by that lady who gave the TED talk
**As opposed to life happening to me; I get impacted by everything a bit too entirely!
PS: Oh this blog is turning into something totally unreadable for everyone else!

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