Thursday, 25 November 2010

Books: The read and to be read

Things are gradually gearing up for the holiday season. I have, unintentionally*, just gone ahead and bought the following books:
a) Desert Places by Robyn Davidson
b) Polyester Mahabharata by Hamish McDonald
c) Applied Hydrology text book
d) Essential Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow
Apart from the once long awaiting my attentions:
e) Everybody loves a drought
f) India after Gandhi
g) Australian Environmental Law
h) Australian Water Law
i) International Environmental Law
And the few that are sitting on my book shelf but have simply given up:
j) Young Stalin
k) Infinite Jest
l) Asimov on Shakespeare
m) The Last Mughal
n) War and Peace
o) My experiments with Truth
p) The final of the Dune series
q) Secret life of birds
There are few that I flip thru, which would be good wouldn’t it:
r) Consider the Lobster
s) Letters of JRR Tolkien
t) Dear FutureMe (May I say, that letters of JRR to other people are far more interesting than letters of people to their future selves)
And honourable mention to the following that is simply sitting at my home in Delhi:
u) Patel a life by Rajmohan Gandhi

That is all I can think from on top of my head… but even so, considering that the leave is only from 25th to 2nd (inclusive) – makes only 9 days and there are well over 9 books. Ah right!
But I am not going to leave at such a hopeless note: some of the books I did manage to read this year – tho I re-read Agatha Christie some 4 times –
a) Eat Pray Love
b) Committed – a sceptics guide to marriage
c) Tracks by Robyn Davidson
d) Earth Sea : A wizard of Earth Sea
e) Earth Sea : Tombs of Atuan
f) Earth Sea : The furthest shore
g) Earth Sea : Tehanu
h) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
i) The book thief
j) The shadow of the wind
*unintentionally coinciding with holiday season

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Neha said...

finished reading desert places in time for 2010...