Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Small Tragedies and Big Accomplishments of 2015

"There are no big tragedies, there are only small tragedies," my brother likes to quote Swami Vivekanand.

So, what were my small tragedies and big accomplishments this year?

in that order, they were:

that i didnt get to work on time; that i did not eat three meals a day for most of the year; that i have not been regular with taking C for walks; that I stopped my night time routine of giving my face a gentle relaxing scrub and flossing my teeth; that my apartment has been an absolute mess practically the whole long year! (and my regret of last year about trying to work during my long service leave is pretty up there too! i hate myself for the promises not kept!)

that i met most deadlines at work; that i grew at work; that i was true to my self and i took encouragement from the wise and kind and truly loving; that i was true to myself and i started the renovation (however daunting i anticipated it to be and truly disrupting i am finding it in hindsight) and i bought a car (with a fat lot of help in learning how to communicate with the rather unhelpful sexist car salesman) in time for my parent's visit and how i love it now and i learnt a term of pottery and enrolled in the journalism course and of course, that i dared bring chicory home. That i stuck to my commitments and that I tried to make my decisions count.  

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