Monday, 11 January 2016

Thoughts put to pen

What if... I turn my living area into my studio? and my study into my guest room? the guests can have their bed and tv and cupboard and all? and all my dinner parties involve having a dog around, doing some thing with your hand and sitting on the floor! I would have the following in the room:
- a potters wheel;
- a laptop to write on;
- a violin to play;
- a table to generally much around with paints and all;
- a music system to listen to podcasts;
- lots of art on the wall;
- lots of books on the shelf;
- some nice comfortable spots to sit;
- LOTS of room to walk about.

on agenda this year are:
- violin
- doggy
- journalism: article in either the monthly, or the inside story - oh lord! both!
- a boy - tho, that has to be a miracle, I've given up without even trying!
- my 6 day hike!

The thing that I love most about my dog is: that he is grounded in the present; he has memories of the past but he doesn't live in the past. he is incapable of judging how fat or thin or old you are, or how rich or poor, or how many awards you might have won - but he knows how attentive you are, what games you play best and it is impossible to be an imposter around him - with him around you can only be authentic.

He doesn't mind hugs at all, even when I am nearly strangling him in that hug, but he will not sit with me for a long time because it is just so much more spacious being at my feet, just lightly touching me. I find it hilarious that he aims as he pees (he has to use the pet potty and he gets it on the spot by millimetres!), I love that he can pace himself exactly to run at my speed, I am ridiculously grateful that he doesn't bark and is SUPER NICE and generally enjoys when everyone is happy, and as a small aside I wish he didn't scratch me as much as he does and we would know how to walk like a normal people!  - aaaaaarrrh! I might have not enrolled him at school and that is terrible!!


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