Monday, 5 November 2018

Be You and Treat People as People

These days when I am about to write an email or say something - I stay me.
Earlier, I used to think what's the spin my boss would want on this? Will I look like an idiot for saying this? doing this? being this? Will I make the other person look like an idiot? What would Gandhi/BeyoncĂ© do?
Now I don't.
Now, firstly, I think:
what's going on here? what do I think about this?
 and I write up the first draft email
Then, I think,
am I being clear and kind?
then I edit and send it!
The second thing is People are not means to an end! Now, I am not networking with people, they fail you anyway!! Now, I am usually simply try to be curious about people! Not always easy, some people do have access to more information and opportunities that it is hard not to see them and wish that they would also send them your way.. but I try.

The other thing

The other thing that is really going on in my life right now is that I have got debts and Papa hates that I have debts!! So instead of financial planning (which I didn't do earlier because I had no time) I panic pay bills... which is not what should be going on at all!!

PS: Sometimes I need to sleep with C touching me. Yesterday was that kind of day. He was a bit hot in the upstairs room, but I insisted. he got it. I genuinely sleep better with C touching, and I wake up without aches and pains. I. can't. even.

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